The First Day of the Last Month of 2016

The holiday season is here and the parties and celebrations are in full swing.  And whether it be at school, the office, home or with family and friends, food is always the center of attention.  No matter where you are or which way you turn festive cuisine is there smiling in your face!  Not only are we inundated with delectable sweets--cookies, cakes, pies and candy-- we are surrounded by wonderful savory treats as well.   Who can resist the traditional holiday appetizers such as sausages, beef stick, wonderful cheeses, dips and canapes not to mention the wonderful main dishes such as the Christmas ham, turkey or even the roast goose!  And of course there is the whipped potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, the traditional green bean casserole and of course fresh baked bread and roll with homemade butter!  With all these wonderful treats everywhere how can we do anything but smile and take one more bite!  Throughout this wonderful holiday season I will share images of the wonderful things that come out of my kitchen and different kitchens around my hometown of Fort Wayne, IN.  I will share the recipes behind the cuisine and the settings used to photograph the beautiful food.  If you would like to share photos of your creations please post them on my Facebook page for Salay Photography.  I would love to cover my wall with your wonderful dishes!! 

Merry Christmas and God Bless!!


Back to School

It has been a crazy busy summer.  That and the fact that I am not always very talented at understanding how the computer works have kept me from being consistent with my blog, but I am hoping that I have worked the bugs out and we can get down to business.  

Over the last week and a half most of the schools in the area have seen their children return to their classes.  Most are returning to the same school that they attended last year and some (my grandson included) are starting new adventures with new friends at new schools.  My favorite part of the back to school season is seeing all the photos on FB showing the kids all excited to go back.  New clothes, new shoes and new backpacks!  

I plan to use the back to school season as a motivator to help me give my photography biz a jump start.  I will continue to photograph weddings (which I love) and portrait sessions, but I plan on throwing myself into food photography with both feet. As a chef I feel fortunate that I am able to combine both my talents and my love for the arts into one fantastic career.   


Nothing like cookies after the first day of school !

Here we go...

Welcome everyone! I managed to get the first post off the ground, and with a lot of work I have the subscriber email list up and running.  Now it is time to get down to business and what really matters...sharing my love of food and photography with you! 

As you are aware, I am a trained chef.  There is nothing more satisfying than starting with an empty slate and creating something wonderful.  As a chef I always use the best and freshest ingredients available to me.  When it comes to herbs, they usually come straight out of my own garden.  Not only am I guaranteed the freshest highest quality herbs, but they are beautiful as well.  My grandson tells me that I have a delicious front yard!  That is one of the best compliments I could receive.  

The fact that I have beautiful herbs growing all over my yard gives me another wonderful subject to photograph.  One of my favorites is my chives.  I let them bloom, and I have wonderful purple blossoms to brighten up the landscaping; not to mention that purple is by far my favorite color!

My goal as a food photographer is to have you see my images and stop and say, "Wow!" I want the flavors of the food to transpire through the image and inspire you.  I get the same satisfaction out of photographing food as I do preparing it.  When I have completed a project, both preparing it and photographing it, I can sit back and look at what I have accomplished, and is a great feeling! 

The first of many...

I am so excited to be getting this newest part of my journey off the ground.  I feel the best way to start is to tell you all a little about myself and my vision.  I am not going to ramble on about myself, but rest assured, you will learn more and more about the chef behind the lens with each post.  I put a lot of my heart and soul into every dish I create and every photograph I take.  I will tell you that I am a trained chef as well as a trained photographer.  We all know education is very important, but without a passion for what you are doing it will always be just a job.  I began photographing at a young age, and I have always loved to cook. However, it took some time to realize that I could take my 2 passions and marry them into one amazing life and career.  

I have had this blog in my head for quite some time, but I was unsure of the direction it should go.  A few days ago, a light went off and I HAD IT!  The vision...the concept...the plan... so here we go! I love to photograph, and my camera is always with me.  I love to photograph everything from people to animals to flowers, and  I even spend a lot of time snapping at squirrels, yes, squirrels.  I don't know what the fascination with them is, but it always makes me smile and I have so much fun when they are out playing and letting me take their photos.   With that said, my all time favorite subject is food. All kinds of food. I love to cook, and I love to eat, but I also really love to photograph fine cuisine.  It is where my passion lies, and I am thrilled that I can combine my love for fine cuisine with my love of photography.  To have someone look at an image and just want to reach in and enjoy doesn't get much better than that. 

  Michigan Raised Lamb