Here we go...

Welcome everyone! I managed to get the first post off the ground, and with a lot of work I have the subscriber email list up and running.  Now it is time to get down to business and what really matters...sharing my love of food and photography with you! 

As you are aware, I am a trained chef.  There is nothing more satisfying than starting with an empty slate and creating something wonderful.  As a chef I always use the best and freshest ingredients available to me.  When it comes to herbs, they usually come straight out of my own garden.  Not only am I guaranteed the freshest highest quality herbs, but they are beautiful as well.  My grandson tells me that I have a delicious front yard!  That is one of the best compliments I could receive.  

The fact that I have beautiful herbs growing all over my yard gives me another wonderful subject to photograph.  One of my favorites is my chives.  I let them bloom, and I have wonderful purple blossoms to brighten up the landscaping; not to mention that purple is by far my favorite color!

My goal as a food photographer is to have you see my images and stop and say, "Wow!" I want the flavors of the food to transpire through the image and inspire you.  I get the same satisfaction out of photographing food as I do preparing it.  When I have completed a project, both preparing it and photographing it, I can sit back and look at what I have accomplished, and is a great feeling!