Back to School

It has been a crazy busy summer.  That and the fact that I am not always very talented at understanding how the computer works have kept me from being consistent with my blog, but I am hoping that I have worked the bugs out and we can get down to business.  

Over the last week and a half most of the schools in the area have seen their children return to their classes.  Most are returning to the same school that they attended last year and some (my grandson included) are starting new adventures with new friends at new schools.  My favorite part of the back to school season is seeing all the photos on FB showing the kids all excited to go back.  New clothes, new shoes and new backpacks!  

I plan to use the back to school season as a motivator to help me give my photography biz a jump start.  I will continue to photograph weddings (which I love) and portrait sessions, but I plan on throwing myself into food photography with both feet. As a chef I feel fortunate that I am able to combine both my talents and my love for the arts into one fantastic career.   


Nothing like cookies after the first day of school !